Driving Fear Program Review

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Driving, especially when alone, is one of the leading causes of anxiety amongst adults all over the world.  In response to this growing need to address anxiety whilst driving, Rich Presta came up with the Driving Fear Program.

Despite its somewhat ambiguous name, the Driving Fear Program is one of the most successful and most reliable self-help programmes available online that deals with anxiety on the road.  There are many reasons behind the success of this programme, but its appeal lies mainly on the fact that it focuses specifically on anxiety whilst driving.

One good thing about the Driving Fear Program is that it is not a cure-all that attempts to cover anxiety and related disorders in general.  It zeroes in on the fear of driving and helps the users of the programme to deal with the root cause of this fear.  This is the secret to the programmes effectiveness.

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What can you get from subscribing to the Driving Fear Program?  The advantages of the programme are:

  • Its utter simplicity.  The programme involves a straightforward four-step technique that can be learned in 15 minutes.  These four steps are sound and backed with solid scientific evidence instead of some fluffy mumbo-jumbo or some incomprehensible New Age nonsense.
  • Its finality.  The programme helps you dig deep into your mind to uncover the reason why you fear driving in the first place.  Once this root cause is found, the programme helps you get rid of it, thereby freeing you from your fear of driving for good.
  • Its potential for quick results.  It still depends upon you to work earnestly in following the techniques proscribed in the programme, but if you do follow it to the letter, you are sure to learn the steps within 15 minutes.  Moreover, you will see tangible results within two days.
  • Its safety.  The programme will not require you to take in mind-altering medication, self-hypnosis or any such risky endeavours.  The techniques you will learn through the programme are sure to be safe.
  • Its value for your money.  The programme has two modes of subscription: the standard one that costs US$67 and the premium one that costs US$87.    The entire package, however, is worth more than US$200, which makes it a bargain for its value.  Moreover, the package is covered by an eight-week, risk-free guarantee.

What can you get from a standard subscription?  With the standard subscription, you will get the manual and the interviews audio course.  You will also get:

  • The Anxiety Helix Report
  • The Meditation for Driving Anxiety e-book
  • The Change Your Mind, Change Your Life e-book
  • The Stress-Less Living e-book
  • The Laws of Attraction and Your Driving Anxiety e-book

On the other hand, if you sign up for the premium edition of the programme, you will get all that standard subscribers get, with the addition of:

  • The audio version of the Driving Fear Program e-book
  • The complete S.A.F.E. audio CD series
  • The Fast Lane audio series

Whichever packages you will sign up for, you will be entitled to access to book updates, unlimited personal support via email or toll-free number, and the 100% risk-free, money-back guarantee.

If you are one who is wont to freeze up whilst driving or waiting for the red light to turn green, you should know that you are not alone and there is help for you if you should wish to seek it.  The Driving Fear Program is certainly worth a try.

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