Generalized Anxiety Disorder Treatment (GAD)

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Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is a kind of anxiety disorder that is different from others like obsessive compulsive disorder or panic disorder or phobias. In this condition the aspects that one worries about are similar to those that any other person would. For example, a person suffering from generalized anxiety disorder would worry about the health of the family, adequacy of finances for the month, child rearing and upbringing and the like. Nothing that really sounds out of the ordinary!

Whether generalized anxiety disorder treatment is required or not depends on the extent to which the worry affects normal functioning. The extent to which they worry reaches new heights and sometimes it consumes the person afflicted with this condition. For example, if someone is worried about the health of the family, he or she may continue to really think about how his or her loved ones can get affected by germs or viruses, how they should go to a doctor for a monthly check up and more. In most cases the worry continues to consume the individual to such an extent that he can think of nothing else. When the worry starts to express itself in other ways in which GAD patients start to impose their worry on others, it becomes an issue for those living with the persona as well.

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Generalized anxiety disorder treatment becomes a necessity if worry starts to affect normal life, is uncontrollable, becomes stressful and causes physical symptoms. In their book ‘Anxiety Disorders and Phobias: A Cognitive Perspective’, Aaron Beck and Gary Emery explain that the best generalized anxiety disorder treatment is self help. They mention that there are five steps that can complete the self help for generalized anxiety disorder treatment. These are:

Generalized Anxiety Disorder Treatment

  • Accept the anxiety – This aspect encourages you to accept the fact that you do worry a lot and do something about it.
  • Watch the anxiety – Monitor the level of anxiety and worry that you feel at different points in time. Assess and rate it on a scale to know what you feel.
  • Act with the anxiety – Be aware of your anxiety and try and act normally even though you feel uncomfortable. Try and slow down a bit and coax yourself into focusing on other things that are more urgent rather than your worrying thoughts.
  • Repeat the steps – Make sure that you continue to accept, watch and act with your anxiety for effective generalized anxiety disorder treatment.
  • Expect the Best – Be positive about what you are trying to do and don’t get flustered of the generalized anxiety disorder treatment method is taking longer than you expected to show results.

Another option that people who suffer from generalized anxiety disorder have is to opt for Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT). This is a behavior modification therapy that aims at trying to change the way in which you think about certain things that cause anxiety. CBT aims at educating the patient, monitoring anxiety levels, teaching strategies to control the physical symptoms and psychological effects of GAD and behavioral strategies.

In extreme cases, generalized anxiety disorder treatment that uses conventional medication may also need to be used. Benzodiazepines or Antidepressants are used for generalized anxiety disorder treatment in most cases. These are however, fraught with side effects and should be taken with care and only when necessary.

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